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''Hello this is the Tuckers. We're not available right now, so please leave a message.''

This was the 3rd time I tried to reach Craig through the phone. I tried to call his phone, but he has propably switched it off, or he's just ignoreing me.
I also tried calling to his home, but seems like nobody's home.

I sigh in frustation and threw my phone on a pile of clothes lying on my chair.
I ran my fingers to my hair as I tried to figure how to get Craig to belive that I did care about him, and that it was just a misunderstanding.

''Oh shit no !'' I shouted and bounced up from the bed.

I took a quick glance to my alarm clock, ''15 to two.'' I said silently and grabbed my crutches.
I had totally forgot that I still had to do my history exam.
I was so distracted about Craig, that I had just left home. 'God I'm so stupid..' I murmured as I hopped back to school.

I half ran down the school halls and I flinched with every step, because of the pain.

''Mr.Marsh...I'm glad you could join us.'' Mr.Anderson said with a bitter voice.

''Sure thing Mr.A.'' I sighed and got to my seat.

Kyle and Cartman exchanged worried and confused looks.

'Okay Stan, if you fail ; no computer,no Iphone,no tv...' I tried to inure myself as I red the first question.

Question 1 / 20
The French National
Assembly swore the Tennis Court Oath, which was...

A.a promise to destroy all of the nation’s tennis bracelets.

B.a vow to continue to meet until they had produced a French constitution.

C.a promise not to rest until all members of the clergy were tried and executed.'

'Oh man ! I don't know this !' I felt desperate, but I sorted it out.
I finished quick and I left home, again.

I was exhausted by the time I opened my door.
'I have to talk to Craig. And Kenny.'

I sigh as I reach my phone again.

''Hello ?''

''Hey Ken. How'r you doing ?''

''Oh hi Stan. I don't know. I just...Can't take this. I mean i tought that Butters liked me back. Guess I was wrong.''

''Don't worry Kenny. We'll figure this out. I promise.''

''I wouldn't be that sure Stan. It's like 5 days 'till the prom.''

''Just trust me Ken. I'll sort this thing out.''

''Okay. But I gotta go now, dad is drunk again so I gotta watch over Karen. Bye, see you tomorrow.'' He said and hang up.

I took my crutches and left again.


''Oh, hello Stanley !'' Butters said as he opened his front door for me.

''Hi Butters. Can I come in ?''

''Sure thing. Umm you want a snack or something ?'' He asked as I hopped in.

''No thanks, I'm fine.'' I sat down to the living room sofa and Butters sat next to me.

''So what did you want to talk about Stan ?'' He asked.

''Kenny.''Hf frowned a bit and looked me confused.

''Kenny ? What about him ?''

''Do you like him ?'' He looked abashed.

''Umm what,what do you mean Stan ? I do like him. He's my super best friend.''

''No, I mean do you LIKE him ?''

He was silent for a moment and then he nodded.

''I wanted to go to the Prom with ken, but then he got angry when Bradley asked me. He didn't answer whaen I tried to call him. So I tpught he hated me..'' Butters's bottom lip started to shake a bit and I tried to console him.

''But you said no to Bradley ?'' He nodded and wiped his eyes.

I took my phone from my pocket and called Kenny again.

''Hey Kenny, can you meet me in Starks Pond at six ?''

''Sure. Why ?''

''Umm...I've gotta a suprise for you. Maybe it'll cheer you up.''

''Okay I'll meet you there then.''

Butters looked me and I explained that Butters should go there and tell him what happened.
He hugged and thanked me.

I left home and felt little lighter for doing a good deed.
I wonder if they can work it out ?

Kennys P.O.V.
I took my car keys from my desk and left downstairs.
I heard mum and dad yelling at eachother in the kitchen.

''Kenny ? Where are you going ?'' Karen asked.

''Umm..out with a friend.''

''Don't leave me here Kenny. Please. Take me to Shelby.'' Karen begged leaning to me.

''Sure thing sis.''

I drow Karen to her firend and headed to Starks Pond.

'hmm..What suprise did he mean ? I don't think anything will cheer me up now.' I tought as I parked my beetle.

I sat on a bench and waited.
I was alone in the park, but then I heard foot steps getting closer.
I turned a bit and I couldn't tell who the figure ws. It was getting dark already.
My eyes widened in shock as I regonized the figure. It was bUtters.

'What the hell is he doing here ? Oh no, I swear to god if this is somekind of a sick joke I'm gonna kill Stan...'

Butters stopped infront of me with a tiny and conserned smile.

''Umm....Hi Kenny.''

''What do you want ?'' I sighed and shrugged my head a bit.

''Explain. I wanna explain.'' He answered and sat besides me.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

''I-I like you Kenny. You are my super best friend and you're always so kind to me... I wanted to go to the prom with you, but then you tought that I was going with Bradley and got angry and stormed out and I-I...I love you Kenny.'' He mimed with his hands.

'What ? He Loved me ? He really loved me ?' I was shocked and I just stared at him with my jaw hanging open.

He nervosley studied my face and scratched his head.

''Umm..Ken ? You alright ?''

I was about to say something but I just closed my mouth instead.

''Are you serious Butters ?'' I said with amused tone. I mean I had chased him for so long, and now he just easily says that he loves me ? Oh boy I am blind.

''Yes. And you don't have to love me back, I just wanted you to know.'' He said with embaresment.

''Why wouldn't I ? What is there not to love in you Butters ?'' I said softly and grabbed his cold hand.

He just stared at me with disbelive.
I laughed a little and leaned to him.I was only inches away from his beautiful face.

''I love you too Butters.'' I whispered as I kissed him.
D: So sorry this took me so long :s school stole my time D: But hope you like it, altought it's a little more Bunny this time ^^
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