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Kennys P.O.V

I was sitting in the cafeteria with Kyle,Cartman,Stan and Butters. It was Monday and I had spent mostof the day trying ti figure out how to trick Craig to come to the Prom. I saw Craig opposite of our table and he was staring at me like he could kill me with his eyes. I just put my head down and sighed silentley. 'Oh no..this is all my fault. I wish I could do something...'

Stans P.O.V

I was crushed. Again. I couldn't eat anything. The only thing I could do was to wait for Craig to forgive me, I mean if he ever would. Well atleast I got Kenny and Butters together but that doesn't change the fact that Craig won't even listen me when I try to explain it to him. He is so stubborn, and that's one thing I love about him. I sighed and got up.

''Hey Stan where are you going ?'' Kyle asked as I started to leave the table.

''Umm.. I'm not hungry. I'm just gonna go to the library.'' I turned to walk away.

''Okay something is really wrong with him. He has never even seen the library !'' I heard Kyles distant panicking.

'Kyle is right. Something is wrong, so maybe I'll just give up. Wait a second...That's what I did with Wendy and now she's seeing that stuck up british guy.' I suddenley stopped walking when I realized that I had no idea where the library was.

''Oh shit..I am a bad student, I don't even know where the fucking library is !'' I laughed to myself. I was about to turn again to ask someone but then I heard a familiar voice from behind.

''Hello Stanley.'' It was that british cunt again.

''What the hell do you want ?'' I asked in frustation.

''On nothing... I was just wondering why you weren't at the cafeteria.''

''That's none of your business!'' I hissed and started to walk again or actually jump with my aching leg. He just stayed there and laughed alone. 'Man that guy is a psyko ! Why did Wendy pick him over me ? Or actually that would explain her mentalness...' I finally found the library and I went in. I spent the whole hour there just reading random books that I found. That was the first time that I realized how fun reading could be.

''No wonder Kyle likes it here..'' I whispered to myself as I turned the page.
Then I heard silent footsteps behind me and I turned. I jumped a little when I saw who it was.

Craigs P.O.V

I couldn't do anything but stare at Kenny and Stan at the cafeteria. I don't know why but I felt like I wanted to murder Kenny. I awoke from my staring when Clyde slapped me on my cheeck.

''Ou ! What the hell is your problem ?!'' I murmured.

''Quit dreaming about him !'' Clyde laughed. He instantley realized what he had said and he turned red and slapped his hands on to his mouth. The whole table went silent and everyone was staring at me.

''What did you just say ?'' I asked with a voice so cold that I could freez him.

''Umm nothing I wasjustjokingIdidn'tmeananythingatall.'' He started to speak so fast that it was hard to understand him. He almost sunk under the table and he started to fill his mout with food. There was a long stare from the rest of the boys.

''What ?!'' I yelled and they all started to mind their own business again.

''What a bunch of weirdos...'' I left the table and headed for the library. As soon as I got out of the library I almost fell on my knees. 'HOW THE HELL DID CLYDE KNOW ?! Stan propably told him..What an ass. But no he couldn't have 'cos the Clyde would know that he is too.' I felt a little dizzy and I got up. I heard someone laughing and I saw Gregory alone.

''What's wrong with you psyko ?'' I asked as I passed him.

''Oh nothing. I just realized how stupid you are. You all are so stupid.'' He giggeled.

''Seriousley Gregory...You should stop smoking weed so much.'' I continued to the library. It was empty. The only sound was the snoring of an old librarian. I made my way to the back of the library. It was my favorite place 'cos it was usually very peacefull. But then I stopped when I saw someone sitting on the armchair. It was some boy and he was sitting on my spot. I started to walk towards the chair when the boy suddenley turned. 'OH SHIT NO ! Not now pleas god no ! He can't be sitting there now...kill me please...' I stopped walking and turned white when the boy who was sitting on my spot was Stan. He looked as shocked as I did. I wanted to yell at him and tell him to get his ass up from my chair, but I couldn't. I felt something warm in my chest and a punch in my stomach. He opened his mouth to say something but he didn't he just stared at me with his beautiful blue eyes. He looked sad and I felt quilty 'cos I instantley knew why he was so sad. I quickley turned to walk away.

''Craig wait ! Please stop !'' I heard him shouting. I paced my walking and I heard him come closer with his crutches. I sighed and stopped. He jumped infront of me and he was clearley out of breath.

''Craig. Let. Me. Explain. Please.'' He was trying to catch his breath as I nodded silentley.

''I don't like Kenny and Kenny doesn't like me. You got it all wrong. See...Kenny is also kinda gay and he likes Butters. Then he was supposed to ask him to got to the Prom but Bradley was already asking Butters and...''

''Wait, wait...what ? I can't understand anything you say !'' I got frustraded.

''Just let me speak !'' I mildly quailed and nodded again.

''So...I am not into Kenny and Kenny isn't into me. Kenny likes Butters and Butters likes Kenny. But Bradley likes Butters too and because of that Kenny tought that Butters was going to the Prom with Bradley. So I hugged him. Only hugged. Got it ?'' He took a long sigh after he had explained. I was quiet for awhile. ' I this stupid ?' I mentally kicked myself in the head when I looked at Stans worried eyes again.

''So do you bealive me or would you like me to call Kenny, Butters and Bradley as well ?'' He asked with a smirk.

''No...I just. I was stupid I'm sorry.'' I felt a bit awkward for being such an idiot and then just standing there like a loser. I stared at the floor with my thumbs twisting against each other. Then I felt him hugging me. And I immediately hugged him back.

''It's okay. Just try to listen to me more.'' He said. I just smiled. As he took a step back he looked at me and asked:

''So Craig, would you go to the prom with me ?'' I bit my lip when I started to imagine all the peiople staring at us. Since no one knows yet. Well exept a few.

''Yeah. Sure I'll come.'' I smiled at him. He smiled back and gave me a kiss on the cheeck. I just laughed and we started to walk again hand in hand.
So here's the 7th part (: Hope you like it ^^ I'm gonna do atleast one more :o
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