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Kennys P.O.V

It was Tuesday morning when I dragged myself to school. I had spent the whole night on the phone with Clyde trying to work out a plan to get Craig ans Stan back together. It didn't work out so well, because I fell asleep in the middle of the conversation. I was dead tired when I met the guys.

''Hi Ken ! Man you look tired. You know that night is for sleeping, right ?'' Kyle teased.

''Really ? I was hunting rhinos all night at the safari...'' I growled and rubbed my eyes. He laughed and started to talk with Butters. I felt unbalanced and I leaned my back to the lockers.

''The fuck's wrong with you Kinneh ?'' Cartman murmured.

''This is what happens when you turn into a retarted fag...'' As soons as he said that I snapped and took him by his collar. Ever since me and Butters told the guys that we were gay Cartman had been a pain in the ass. This time I just had enough.

''KINNEH YOU ASS HOLE ! LET MEH GO !'' He screamed as I was about to punch him. I took a swing at him and when my fist hit his face he went totally crazy. He pushed me to the ground and strted to hit my stomach propably as hard as he could. It felt like my guts were squashed. I kicked him on the groin and he screamed out of pain. We punched and kicked each other until someone started to rip me away from behind.

''LET ME GO ! I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU CARTMAN !'' I screamed and tried to get away. I felt another pair of hands take me by the legs. The hall way was full of students watching Cartman struggle to get up. Some of them were just some random people who were shouting ''FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT !''

Cartman growled as he got up. He started to run towards me with his fist ready to beat the shit out of me.Then someone took his fist and twisted it behind his back. It was Craig.

Kyles P.O.V

It was Tuesday and I had just came to school when I saw Kenny walking like a zombie.

''Hi Ken ! Man you look tired. You know that night is for sleeping, right ?'' I giggeled. He murmured something back at me but he was so tired that I didn't hear him.

''So Butters. You're going to the Prom with Kenny then ?'' I asked in curiously.

''Yeah and it'll be great !'' He chirped. I was so happy for them. They didn't mind what anyone was thinking about them. Or so I tought until I heard Cartman screaming.

''KINNEH YOU ASS HOLE ! LET MEH GO !'' I turned my head and I saw Kenny punch the living shit out of Cartman. Normally I would have just enjoyed the view and laugh at Cartman but it looked like Kenny was serious. Everyone gathered to watch them fight and I started to panick. I tried to find someone to help me but none of the teacher had come to school yet. Or then they were just enjoying their morning coffee in the teacher's lounge. I saw Stan and Craig and they were holding hands. I was little schoked at first but I had to put that out of my mind and help Kenny.

''STAN !'' I ran towards them.

''Hi Kyle. What is it ?''

''He-help Kenny. He and Cartman started to fight and he's gonna get a concussion if they won't stop !'' Stan instantly let go of Craigs hand and ran to Kenny and Cartman. Kenny had just got up when Stan started pulling him backwards.

''LET ME GO ! I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU CARTMAN !'' He screamed with a bleeding nose. I saw that Stan was struggeling to keep Kenny still and I went to help him. I took him by his feet trying to keep him from running to Cartman again.

''Shit.'' I whispered when Cartman got up and he was running towards us. He had his fist ready for a punch but then Craig  grabbed him and twisted his arm behind his back so that he had to fall down.

''YOU FUCKING FAGGOT ! LET ME GO I'M GONNA KILL THAT PIECE OF SHIT !'' This was the first time ever that Cartman looked actually scary. He had always been harmless but annoying of course. Butters was crying few feet away from us.

Stans P.O.V

''LET ME GO STAN !'' Kenny was crazy. He had a serial killer look on his eyes. I just kept my hold on him and I tried to calm him.

''Kenny, calm down please ! It's okay just stop fighting now !'' He growled as he almost got away.

''KENNY !'' I heard Butters shout. He had tears coming out of his eyes. Kenny turned his head towards him and stopped struggeling.

''GO TO YOUR CLASSES ! MCCORMIC,CARTMAN,TUCKER,MARSH,BROFLOVSKI AND STOTCH IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW !'' We heard the headmaster yell and people started toleave very quick.

''BUT I...'' Kyle tried to argue.

''MY.OFFICE.NOW !'' He screamed. I sighed and let go of Kenny. We all shuffled there while complaining. We sat in the office side by side. Cartman on the left side and Kenny on the other.

''What the hell happened there ?!'' He was furious. He had never swore. It was dead silent until Kyle spoke up.

''Well Eric started to pester Kenny and Kenny punched him and then he punched Kenny and then me and Stan tried to keep Kenny calm and then Craig...''

''So McCormick punched Cartman ?'' The prinsipal said. Cartman started to do a fake cry.

''*sniff* I-I was just trying to *sniff* get my books and I told Kinneh to move *sniff* but then he just attacked me.*sob*''

''OH SHUT UP YOU FAT FUCK !'' Kenny started to tens up again. Soon everyone was shouting and arguing.

''SHUT UP RIGHT NOW OR I'LL HAVE YOU ALL SUSPENDED !'' The room went silent and he continued.

''Now...McCormick go to the nurse. Cartman stays here and then you switch. I won't put you two to the same room for more than three seconds. You all get detention. Go to your classes.'' We left the office while Kyle huffing. This is going to be a long week.
Okay I'm gonna have to do more than just one more :D 'cos I don't wanna do an extra long one T_T
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